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Kalona’s Fall

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Kalona’s Fall

In KALONA’S FALL, the shadows in Kalona’s past will finally come to light… We will learn about the winged immortal’s secret history and discover how he went from being the Goddess’s Warrior and Guardian to her enemy and betrayer. Did Darkness taint Kalona as it did Neferet, or has the powerful immortal always preferred power over honor, and control over faith? This novella will be crucial to fans’ understanding of Kalona, before his role in the explosive final installment of the House of Night, REDEEMED coming in October 2014.

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Kalona’s Fall - Excerpt


In shock, Mother Earth watched as two godlings, fashioned from the joining of the sky and the moon, and the sun and the moon, lifted their faces, and gazed with utter adoration at their Goddess.

“They have wings!” Nyx exclaimed.

“And there are two of them,” Mother Earth said, furrowing her brow in consternation. “Nyx, this did not go exactly as I had planned.”

“I think they are perfect!” said the Goddess.


“There,” Nyx said, pointing down. The land had changed beneath them. It had begun to roll gently and was covered with clusters of tall trees. The Goddess motioned beyond the trees, towards a wide, dark river dotted with sandbanks and lined with scrub. “You may put me down there.”

Kalona circled until he found a gently sloping bank, free of weeds and brush. He landed gently.

“You do not have to hold me now,” she said. Nyx’s head was resting against his shoulder, as it had for most of their journey. He could not see her face, but he could hear the smile in her voice. It gave him courage.

“I like holding you,” he said.



“This is what I propose,” Mother Earth said, sending Nyx a maternal, and very satisfied looking smile. “Under my supervision, your two winged immortals must complete three tasks each for you, proving that they are powerful and wise and loyal enough to be worthy of you.”

“That sounds delightful, doesn’t it?” Nyx said.

“Absolutely,” Erebus said.

“I look forward to proving my worth to you,” Kalona said.